Heat Transfer and Process Equipment Specialist 

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Bkt. Fraser Thermal Technology Sdn Bhd holds a licensing agreement with Lummus Heat Transfer which allows us to supply Helixchangers® that are custom-designed to suit a wide range of clients’ specifications.

These units are based on a typical shell and tube exchanger design with a modified baffle arrangement that provides a helical fl ow through the shell side of the exchanger. This helical flow allows for an even flow and temperature distribution which in turn provides a far superior heat transfer in the right application. If the application suits, clients can expect heat exchangers that will have the following:

  • Less surface area (due to enhanced flow and temperature distribution)
  • Less fouling
  • Less downtime and maintenance
  • Less pressure drop
  • Lower cost
  • Lower life cycle cost



This design also allows us to supply Helixchanger® tube bundles and fit them to existing exchangers of conventional design, which in turn allows for an increase of up to 30 percent efficiency.


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