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Uniquip Fired Heaters

Through our agreement with Uniquip Engineering Pty Ltd, we provide Fired Heaters for installations handling feeds that range from natural gas to crude oil to bitumen, and from air to steam.

The Uniquip Fired Heaters feature a unique design that utilises fire-tube elements. A range of fired heater products is available including horizontal hot oil heaters and incinerators, FCC Fired Heaters and Steam Superheaters.

The design incorporates the following features:

  • Burners are selected for correct flame pattern, stable operation and maximum turndown
  • Adequate clearance between flame and tube coil to avoid flame impingement
  • Vertical cylindrical or horizontal box type designs
  • Natural or forced draught burners for oil, gas or dual-fuel operation
  • High quality refractory brick, castable or ceramic fibre
  • Variety of design options to achieve the highest economic efficiency
  • Extensive experience in single or multiburner forced draught operation with full automatic or semi-automatic control


Typical installations for refinery duty include FCC Fired Heaters with design efficiency up to 84 percent, depending on the fuel utilised. Such heaters are fitted with dual fuel natural draught burners with noise attenuation, soot blowers and Schedule 80 alloy tubing in both radiant and convection zones, with all welds fully radiographed.

Offshore, typical installations include heaters for hot oil service (260 deg C), fired with forced draught burners and fully packaged with all instrumentation.



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